Interest rates and inflation got you down? By Jennel

So many people are afraid of what is coming. They live in fear of the possibilities. Is that you? Are you stressed about what is going to happen? Interest rates have gone up so much and inflation just keeps on going; groceries, insurance, technology, housing, and the list keeps on going. What is a person to do? 

I’m going to challenge you to flip the script on yourself! Imagine yourself in an upside down world, every time you get bad news you respond in gratefulness. Every time you feel like you’re squeezed so tight, you give money away! Every time you want to turn left, you turn right.  I know it sounds crazy, right?  But do you remember that Seinfeld episode? Yes, yes, I’m dating myself here, but George actually decides to do the OPPOSITE of every single thing that he USUALLY does, and he gets different results. Hmmmmm definitely food for thought!

Gratefulness and generosity will truly change your life, but ONLY if it’s coming from the right place and the right attitude. If you are going through life with self loathing, or some aspect of self loathing, then generosity will come from the wrong energy. So how do you turn that energy around? You can start with one thing, one thing that you can choose to love about yourself, one thing that you can forgive yourself for or one thing that you can trust yourself to do. Our broken relationship with ourselves is the cause of most of our angst in life. I should know, I was there. And then, one day you decide that you don’t want to live like that anymore. And slowly, piece by piece and brick by brick you begin to build a new life and a new relationship with yourself. Start with forgiveness, love and trust. You can do this! I’m here and I’m believing in you until you can believe in yourself! And then you will start to see the things in your life change! 

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